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WHO suspends process of approval of Russian Sputnik V vaccine

The World Health Organization (WHO) has temporarily suspended the approval process for the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. UN News reports.

According to the Deputy Head of the Pan American Health Organization, Jarbas Barbosa, in order to obtain approval, the vaccine manufacturer must provide information about the place of production (it must comply with established standards), the safety of the vaccine and its effectiveness.

«The approval process for the Sputnik V vaccine by the WHO has been suspended because an inspection at one of the factories, which is a part of the production of Sputnik V vaccine, found that it does not comply with the new rules of «best manufacturing practice,» he said.

Jarbas Barbosa added that Russian manufacturers should make the necessary changes to the production process and inform the World Health Organization about it, after which a new inspection will be carried out.