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Talant Mamytov demands to speed up introduction of electronic services

Acting President of Kyrgyzstan Talant Mamytov demanded from the heads of state bodies to speed up introduction of electronic state services. He stated it at the conference «Main directions of digitalization in the Kyrgyz Republic: prospects and challenges».

The acting head of state recalled that a decree was signed on urgent measures to enhance introduction of digital technologies in public administration of the Kyrgyz Republic on December 17.

«First of all, this format excludes the human factor and corruption manifestations, saves time and money of citizens. From now on, citizens should not run after officials, but be able to get, for example, the necessary information from the Tax Service and other state bodies through the appropriate applications,» Talant Mamytov said.

The acting President added that without introduction of digital technologies, it is impossible to get rid of the shortcomings in the provision of public services.

Talant Mamytov criticized the heads of state bodies, who hinder and sabotage the process of introducing automated systems at the institutions.

«The whole world is introducing modern technologies, our state bodies still work in the old way, through papers. I understand that in some cases, through the issue of certificates and information, some managers work for their own pocket. It is very difficult to break this system, but we have enough will. The main goal is to dismantle the old system, eradicate corruption and eliminate the human factor,» the acting President said.

My decree indicates the deadlines until March — either the leaders will quickly and effectively introduce digitalization, or our conversation with them will be short.

Talant Mamytov

He added that public services include 56 types — from a person’s birth to death.