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Sadyr Japarov ready to postpone date of constitutional reform

Sadyr Japarov proposes to first submit to a referendum issues of the form of government. He stated this live on one of TV channels.

According to him, he does not require urgent discussion of the draft of the new version of the Basic Law.

«I want to tell the members of the constitutional convention: take your time. If necessary, discuss it for a month or two,» Sadyr Japarov added.

He proposes to first submit to the referendum several issues related to the form of government in Kyrgyzstan.

«The Parliament has a bill of deputy Kurmankul Zulushev on the referendum. It proposes to submit the issue of the form of government to the people to choose. I would ask the deputies to submit this draft to the referendum. Let’s ask the people first. What form of government do the people want? This bill proposes two forms of government — parliamentary and presidential, I would add a mixed one — presidential-parliamentary,» he said.

The bill on the referendum was developed and submitted to the Parliament by the kurultai headed by Azimbek Beknazarov.