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Zhypar Zheksheev resigns as head of KTRK Supervisory Council

Zhypar Zheksheev resigned as a head of KTRK Supervisory Council. He explained his decision to 24.kg news agency.

According to him, he wants to freely express his thoughts. But he felt like in a cage for the last seven months. According to the law, the status of a chairman of the Supervisory Council of the KTRK does not allow speaking out on acute political topics or criticizing actions of the authorities. «And I have to give the way to the youth. I was elected three times. Let someone else work,» said Zhypar Zheksheev.

I repeat once again: I made the decision myself. Nobody pressed me either in the «White House» or in the «Gray» one.

Zhypar Zheksheev

He added that he did not yet know how his colleagues would react to his choice, but he made it. Zhypar Zheksheev will not remain in the composition of the Supervisory Council even as an ordinary member.