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Nature lover’s paradise. British photographer about nature of Kyrgyzstan

British photographer Richard Watson first visited Kyrgyzstan in 2018. As he himself admits, he booked a flight, packed up and really wasn’t sure what to expect.

According to him, most people in the UK, even those fairly well travelled, have hardly heard of Kyrgyzstan, let alone able to spell it.

«Kyrgyzstan is a trekker, photographer and nature lover’s paradise. Over 80% of the country is mountainous, there are countless crystal clear, turquoise alpine lakes, the culture is fascinating and that’s before we mention the amazing hospitality of the Kyrgyz people,» Richard says.

The British citizen claims: Kyrgyzstanis love travelers, even referring to tourists as ‘guests’, and it’s part of the custom to welcome passers-by into their home.

The capital of Kyrgyzstan also impressed Richard Watson. «Bishkek is a charming (if slightly grey), gritty and cosmopolitan city full of westernised (I hate that term) cafes & restaurants and a real multi-cultural vibe,» he stressed.

The photographer did not have time to visit the south of the country during his first trip. Therefore, he returned in July and went to explore the expanses of Osh and Jalal-Abad regions. He visited Arslanbob, Kazarman.

He went to Naryn, and Skazka canyon on the southern coast of Issyk-Kul lake. Richard spent three weeks in Kyrgyzstan, covering hundreds of kilometers a day, traveled to the highlands, and saw a jailoo. «These were crazy three weeks,» he posted.

The British advises everyone who enjoys traveling to visit Kyrgyzstan.