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Azimzhan Askarov makes open appeal

Human rights activist Azimzhan Askarov, sentenced to life imprisonment for inciting ethnic hatred and murder of a policeman during June 2010 events, sent an open appeal to Azizbek Oskonbaev, head of the Internal Affairs Department of Bazar-Korgon district.

Azimzhan Askarov sent his curses to the ex-presidents Roza Otunbayeva and Almazbek Atambayev, as well as the former Prosecutor General Azimbek Beknazarov, ex-Foreign Minister Erlan Abdyldaev and judges of Jalal-Abad Regional, Chui Regional and Supreme Courts.

The human rights activist writes that it was Roza Otunbayeva who gave the command to shoot into the crowd on June 12, 2010.

«I pronounce a curse every day during the five-time prayer and additional prayers, calling by name the Sulaimanovs, ex-head of Bazar-Korgon district Kubat Artykov, his driver Baktybek Kochkorov, his bodyguard K. Tashiyev, then head of the National Security Service Seitbakas Dzholdoshev, his colleagues Zamirbek Kamchybekov and Muratali Kochkarov,» he said.

Azimzhan Askarov believes that it was their fault that he was illegally convicted and is serving a life sentence for the crime that he did not commit.

According to the convict, Azizbek Oskonbaev was aware of the plan of action against the Uzbeks prepared in 2010.

«Other defendants in this case and I illegally received long prison terms, because your «elder brothers»- these corrupt prosecutors and judges, skillfully playing their roles, composed a 25-volume criminal case from false testimony. We were not only illegally convicted, but also obliged to pay a huge amount of compensation to the Sulaimanovs. Because of your lawlessness, there is no peace for us in prison either. Our families are suffering from the actions of the soulless employees of state bodies,» Azimzhan Askarov stressed.

In his appeal, the human rights activist says that during the investigation, the police brutally beat him, forcing to give false testimony against some people.

When the words «the law is above all» are heard from the high tribunes, I feel sick. If the law worked equally for everyone, then our prison would not be filled by the Uzbeks only.

Azimzhan Askarov

He states that people in uniform were the first to shoot at unarmed people in Bazar-Korgon in 2010.

«On February 28, officer of justice from the subdivision of the judicial executors service of Oktyabrsky district Sultanalieva, having reviewed the material of the enforcement proceedings in my case, seized the house where my wife lives. More than seven years have passed since the decision of Jalal-Abad Regional Court entered into force. Themis without hesitation makes illegal decisions in favor of representatives of the titular nation. You see, the law never works to protect the interests of national minorities,» the convict says.

Azimzhan Askarov was sentenced to life imprisonment. He is accused of inciting ethnic hatred and murder of a policeman during the June events in the south of the country in 2010.

In 2015, the Kyrgyz human rights activist Azimzhan Askarov, sentenced to life imprisonment, was decorated with the award of the U.S. Department of State in the field of human rights protection. The awarding ceremony was held in absentia. In 2016, Azimzhan Askarov was included in the world list of convicted journalists.