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Stateless man living in secure zone of Manas airport for 3 months

A stateless man is living in the secure zone of Manas International Airport for 3 months. The company posted on Facebook.

According to the Border Service of the Kyrgyz Republic, the stateless man Hadaa Arlen arrived by SU1882 Moscow — Bishkek flight, accompanied by the crew of the aircraft, at the air checkpoint Manas — Airport on January 19, 2019 at 5 am.

It is noted that the employees of the Russian Aeroflot airline handed over the passenger’s documents to a representative of the State Border Service of the Kyrgyz Republic — a certificate of a stateless person, issued by the Department of Population Registration under the State Registration Service, and an act of denial of entry to Russia.

On January 18, 2019, Hadaa Arlen flew from Bishkek to Moscow, using as a document for the right to cross the state border of the Kyrgyz Republic a stateless person certificate and residence permit for a stateless person in Kyrgyzstan. But upon arrival at Sheremetyevo airport, the border authorities of the Russian Federation did not let him enter the country because he violated the visa regime, and he was sent back to Bishkek by the next flight.

Hadaa Arlen told that, having arrived in Kyrgyzstan, he destroyed the residence permit of a stateless person on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, therefore he could not pass the passport control and settled in the secure zone of Manas airport.

The State Border Service of the Kyrgyz Republic told 24.kg news agency that Hadaa Arlen has destroyed the certificate of a stateless person issued by the Department of Population Registration at the SRS for the 3rd time. He wants to enter Norway, where his family and children live, but the Norwegian authorities deny entry of Hadaa Arlen. The stateless man, in his turn, does not want to leave the secure zone of the airport and write another application for obtaining a residence permit in the Kyrgyz Republic.