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Parliament adopts law allowing to deprive ex-president of immunity

Amendments to the Law on Guarantees of Activities of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, which provide for deprivation of an ex-president of immunity, were supported by the deputies of the Parliament in the third reading unanimously. At least 114 parliament members voted for them.

The concept of the draft law has changed. Initially, the initiators of the amendments, Iskhak Masaliyev and Kurmankul Zulushev, proposed removing article 12 on the immunity of the ex-president, since this provision is not spelled out in the Constitution and the Law on Guarantees of the Activities of the President should be brought into compliance.

But their colleagues Asel Koduranova and Taabaldy Tillaev proposed, by consent of the Parliament, to deprive the former head of state of immunity in order to bring him to criminal responsibility for the acts that he committed during the period when he ruled the country. If a former head of state broke the law after he resigned as the president, he will be held responsible like any other citizen.

In addition, the package of amendments includes the provision by Akylbek Japarov that the former head of state is deprived of immunity and other privileges if he remains in big politics and claims for public office.

Earlier, the Constitutional Chamber recognized the provision on immunity contradicting the Constitution, since it does not guarantee this to the ex-president.