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Institute of probation to appear in Kyrgyzstan

An institute of probation will appear in Kyrgyzstan. This was voiced today at a meeting of the Council for Judicial Reform.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister Zhenish Razakov, the institute of probation should start its full-fledged work within a year.

Probation is a conditional non-execution of the set punishment or a conditional non-imposing of punishment with placement under individual supervision of a special officer (agent, assistant, probation officer) for a certain period. The latter exercises control over the behavior of the supervised, fulfilling certain duties and conditions of probation and ensures the implementation of a corrective course.

«Now we need to decide in which regions the branches of the probation institute will be located and also form a staff,» the Vice Prime Minister said.

Zhenish Razakov also noted the need to create a fund for compensation of moral damage to the victims.