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European Immunization Week starts in Kyrgyzstan

The European Immunization Week will take place in Kyrgyzstan from April 23 through April 29.

As Bishkek Immunoprophylaxis Center reported, vaccination coverage in 2017 in Bishkek made up 88 percent, and should reach at least 94. This is due to the growing number of people refusing vaccines. Explanatory and preventive work is carried out at the local level.

Due to planned immunization in the country, the incidence of vaccine-preventable infections (diphtheria, tetanus, measles, rubella, pertussis, poliomyelitis, parotitis, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis B) is declining from year to year.

However, due to internal and external migration of the population in remote and hard to reach regions (pastures and wintering places), children are not vaccinated on time.

The increase in the refusal of vaccinations (due to religious beliefs, due to lack of confidence in the quality of vaccines) can lead to an outbreak of an infection.

The European Immunization Week is aimed at raising citizens’ awareness. During this time, mobile and visiting teams of medical workers (25 visiting teams and 22 mobile brigades) were formed, which organize vaccination stations in the territory of new residential districts and on pastures.

Those wishing to be vaccinated according to the national calendar can also apply at their place of residence to polyclinics and family doctor groups. The vaccination is free of charge.