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Minimum wage in Kyrgyzstan 4 times lower than subsistence level

The size of minimum wage in Kyrgyzstan is four times less than the minimum subsistence level. Rysgul Babayeva, Deputy Chairperson of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kyrgyzstan, said this at a round table.

According to her, as of today, the amount of the minimum salary is 1,200 soms, and according to the results of the first quarter of 2017, the minimum subsistence level of the able-bodied population was 5,657 soms.

«In many countries, the minimum wage is determined by a percentage share of the average wage, and we determine it as a living wage but still we can not reach it. Whereas, according to the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Labor Code, the minimum wage should not be lower than the subsistence level. The average monthly salary in the republic is 14,777 soms,» she said.

According to the Federation of Trade Unions, the Kyrgyz Republic has the lowest level of the minimum wage among the CIS countries — $ 17. This figure amounts to $ 68 in Kazakhstan, in Russia — $114, in Ukraine — $ 58, in Tajikistan and Moldova — $50, in Armenia — $115, in Belarus — $121.