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11,000 foreigners get work permits in Kyrgyzstan over 6 months

For half a year, almost 11,000 foreigners got a work permit in Kyrgyzstan. The head of the State Migration Service Medetbek Aydaraliev announced such data today at a press conference.

According to him, 100,000–120,000 foreigners are registered in Kyrgyzstan annually. The tenth part of them gets work permits. For six months of 2017, foreign individual entrepreneurs were granted 641 work permits. As of July 1, the quota for foreign labor was used at 75.5 percent.

35 million soms were received from the payments for work permits by foreigners.

This year, to protect the domestic labor market, measures have been taken to reduce the number of specialists employed in Kyrgyzstan. 27 legal entities that applied for employment of 3,801 foreign specialists got the quota of 2,136 people (56.2 percent of the requested). If the quota for production companies was reduced, then the quota for 145 people as sellers was denied to the citizens of China and Pakistan.