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IATA specialists advise on development of civil aviation in Kyrgyzstan

Vice President of the regional office of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Rafael Schwartzman told today at the round table «Importance of Air Transport for the Economy of Kyrgyzstan» how to develop civil aviation in Kyrgyzstan.

According to him, Kyrgyzstan has a limited accessibility of communication with other countries. Flights are performed through Istanbul, Moscow and Urumqi. «Kyrgyzstan has a great opportunity for growth. 1.6 million passengers have been transported last year. For 20 years, you can increase the number of passengers to 3.5 million, making efforts in the development of civil aviation, the adoption of more intelligent laws," Rafael Schwartzman believes.

He told what Kyrgyzstan should do. «We need to assess the impact on consumers, because they pay all the costs. It is necessary that airlines to participate in the development of optimal legislation. We want the money of passengers to be charged transparently. Kyrgyzstan lags behind its neighbors in the region because of certain problems that hamper the growth of civil aviation. One of the key areas is competitiveness. Reduction of taxes will help to overcome this barrier. In addition, you can reduce prices. Since the 1970s, the cost of transportation has been declining. However, air travel is still a luxury and not available to everyone," Rafael Schwartzman added.