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CEC deprives Shailoobek Atazov of his deputy mandate

The Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan (CEC) deprived Shailoobek Atazov of his deputy mandate. Meeting of the commission members took place on Tuesday.

Earlier it was reported that the Supreme Court partially upheld the decision of two instances to deprive Shailoobek Atazov of his deputy mandate.

The decision of the CEC to cancel the registration of a candidate for deputy of the Parliament in Sverdlovsky single-mandate constituency Abdurakhman Murtazaliev and paragraphs 2, 3 of the resolution of the Central Commission for Elections and Referendums «On the results of repeat elections of a deputy of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic in Sverdlovsky single-mandate constituency No. 29», according to which Shailoobek Atazov was determined the winner, were cancelled.

The decision of the Administrative Court of March 1 and the ruling of the judicial panel for administrative cases of the Bishkek City Court dated April 5, which recognized Abdurakhman Murtazaliev as an elected deputy of the Parliament for Sverdlovsky district, were upheld.

In February 2022, Abdurakhman Murtazaliev won the elections in Sverdlovsky district. But the Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Administrative Court of the capital and the decision of the Central Election Commission to cancel the registration of Abdurakhman Murtazaliev. Shailoobek Atazov became a deputy from Sverdlovsky district.

Abdurakhman Murtazaliev was removed from the election race because of the testimony of two women, with whom, as the candidate claimed, he had no relationship and they did not work as electioneerers for him.

It should be noted that on March 1, 2024, the Administrative Court recognized Abdurakhman Murtazaliev, a candidate in Sverdlovsky electoral district in February 2022, as an elected deputy of the Parliament.