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Municipal crisis center in Bishkek receives 167 people in 2021

The municipal crisis center in Bishkek received 167 people in 2021. The Deputy Chairman of the Bishkek City Council Toktosun Sultanov said at a round table discussion.

He noted that the center has 50 beds. It provides psychological, medical and other assistance to victims of violence. Toktosun Sultanov added that women can stay at the center with their children.

Toktosun Sultanov added that the statistics are essentially untrue. «They are greatly underestimated, since the facts of violence are rarely reported. Although violence is typical for all social strata, it more often affects socially and economically disadvantaged families. Unfortunately, not all victims know how to find a solution. A dependent position can lead to disastrous consequences,» he said.

The Deputy Chairman added that the purpose of the round table was to discuss the practical implementation of functions in the field of domestic violence by city subjects. It is held at the initiative of the Standing Commission of the Bishkek City Council on Social Issues.