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Atyr Abdrakhmatova appointed head of Sezim crisis center

New head of Sezim crisis center was appointed. The organization reported.

According to the results of a three-stage open competition, Atyr Abdrakhmatova was elected a new executive director at the general meeting of members of Sezim crisis center.

She is known in Kyrgyzstan as an experienced lawyer, committed to justice, defending the rights of socially vulnerable groups, and a professional leader. Atyr Abdrakhmatova will implement the approved 2024 development strategy of Sezim crisis center.

«Human rights activist Byubyusara Ryskulova, who had headed Sezim for more than 26 years, has made a significant contribution to protecting the rights of women and children subjected to violence, as well as strengthening the values of family and gender equality in the Kyrgyz Republic. Showing a high commitment to democratic values and the guiding principles of human rights organizations, she has created a professional and sustainable non-governmental organization, ready to lend a shoulder of support to vulnerable groups in the country,» the crisis center noted.

Byubyusara Ryskulova, as the honorary president of Sezim crisis center and an experienced human rights activist, will continue her work aimed at strengthening gender equality, preventing violence against women and children, as well as creating a safe environment for women and children in the republic.