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Seizure of power case: Kursan Asanov left in detention center 50

Hearing was held in the Bishkek City Hall on the appeal of the defense of the ex-deputy minister of internal affairs Kursan Asanov.

Earlier, by a court order, he was transferred to the detention center No. 50. Dangerous criminals, including terrorists, repeat offenders and members of organized crime groups are kept there. This is a special regime institution.

The panel of judges did not support the appeal of the defense and remanded the former deputy minister of internal affairs in custody. Lawyers believe that illegal decisions are made against him.

«The criminal cases against Kursan Asanov have no evidence base. The leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is trying to find something and discredit him, but they will not succeed,» the lawyers of the accused said.

Kursan Asanov is a defendant in several criminal cases, including the events in Koi-Tash village in August 2019 and the riots in October 2020. In September, he was detained on suspicion of seizing power. The decision to keep Kursan Asanov in an isolation cell for repeat offenders was made by the court at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office.