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Situation at border: Parties agree to ceasefire again

«The tragedy that happened in the border regions of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan should never be repeated,» Saimumin Yatimov, head of the State Committee for National Security of Tajikistan, said at a meeting with his Kyrgyz counterpart Kamchybek Tashiev.

According to him, the peoples of the two states have been living in these areas for a long historical period.

«The peoples are friendly, they have no claims to each other. We must enable our peoples to live in peace and friendship. Today, at a meeting of representatives of the two states, we reached agreement on resolving issues to ensure peace on the Kyrgyz and Tajik lands. I am convinced that we will be able to do this and will solve everything soon,» he said.

Chairman of the State Committee for National Security Kamchybek Tashiev noted that the delegations on delimitation and demarcation of the state border in the interests of the two countries adopted a protocol consisting of four points in the interests of the two countries.

«The people of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are going through difficult times, a tragedy has happened. It was difficult for us to hold a meeting at this time, but nevertheless, following the instructions of the heads of state, we held this event and made a decision to completely stop firing and withdraw troops from the border. God willing, there will be complete silence and peace in our countries,» Kamchybek Tashiev stressed.

Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan agreed to cease fire and withdraw military forces to the places of their previous deployment on April 29 at night. However, shooting can still be heard in some places.

At least 163 victims sought medical help, 33 people were killed, including a child, in Kyrgyzstan.

Golovnoy water distribution point is located at the source of the water canals replenishing Tortkul reservoir on the territory of Kyrgyzstan.

May 1-2, 2021 were declared the Days of National Mourning in the Kyrgyz Republic.