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SDK and SDPK unite and urge Kyrgyzstanis to support them

Press service of the Social Democrats of Kyrgyzstan party informed about its unification with SDPK members, «who have remained faithful to the values ​​of social democracy.»

The party called the events that took place on the night of October 6 historical. «Once again, the Kyrgyzstanis, united by the desire for justice and freedom, overthrew the criminal government,» the text says.

«The most important thing now is to preserve peace and stability in Kyrgyzstan, to ensure the legitimacy of the country’s new governing bodies, to hold new fair elections, which will be based on equal opportunities for all political forces,» the press release says.

Today the SDK plans to hold a rally of its supporters at Forum building at 14.00. Almazbek Atambayev and Sapar Isakov are expected to speak to the audience.

It is noted that the current situation in Kyrgyzstan and the most urgent measures that need to be taken to maintain stability in the country will be discussed.

It is important for all of us to join forces! It is important to save our beloved Kyrgyzstan! It is important to maintain public order and stability!