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Ex- Prime Minister Sapar Isakov convoyed to prison colony No. 8

Former Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sapar Isakov, convicted by court within the case on Bishkek’s Heating and Power Plant, has been transferred to prison colony No. 8 today, where he will serve his sentence. The State Penitentiary Service reported.

Recall, a regular meeting of the special commission of the State Penitentiary Service took place yesterday. «Cases of 86 people were considered for determining the type of regime of their detention and the place of serving the sentence, including the former Prime Ministers Sapar Isakov and Zhantoro Satybaldiev, as well as the former General Director of Electric Stations OJSC Salaydin Avazov,» the statement says.

Zhantoro Satybaldiev and Salaydin Avazov were convoyed to detention facilities.

The State Penitentiary Service said that the Bishkek pre-trial detention center 1 was overcrowded.

Recall, all three of them were found guilty of corruption by the courts during modernization of the capital’s HPP. The Sverdlovsky District Court sentenced Sapar Isakov to 15 years in prison, Zhantoro Satybaldiev — to 7.5 years, Salaydin Avazov — to 11 years and 3 months. The Bishkek City Court upheld this decision.