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State Penitentiary Service: Sapar Isakov does not want to talk to his lawyer

During a personal conversation with employees of the State Penitentiary Service of Kyrgyzstan, the former Prime Minister Sapar Isakov expressed unwillingness to meet and talk to his lawyer Zamir Zhooshev. The State Penitentiary Service reported.

The former Prime Minister Sapar Isakov is in quarantine at the general regime institution No. 8, Zhantoro Satybaldiev is in prison No. 47, and Salaidin Avazov is in prison No. 27. «Quarantine is a separate room where newly arrived prisoners will be held for 14 days, where medical workers, psychologists and other employees of the institution work with them, as well as they are observed by doctors, after which they will be sent to units. Lawyers can visit the convicts after quarantine,» the state service said.

The State Penitentiary Service stressed that all convicts are serving their sentences under equal conditions at the institutions of the penitentiary system, no privileges are granted to individual convicts who previously held posts in various state bodies.

The day before, Sapar Isakov’s lawyer Zamir Zhooshev said that he and his colleague Bakytbek Avtandil uulu were not allowed to enter prison colony No. 8 to see their client.

«It turned out that there is an order No. 207 of the Chairman of the State Penitentiary Service dated April 1, 2020, which introduces a ban on meetings of prisoners with lawyers / close relatives in connection with COVID-19 pandemic.

This order violates the constitutional right of citizens staying in correctional institutions and pre-trial detention centers to legal assistance and judicial protection,» the lawyer posted on social media.