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New fuel trade rules to lead to closure of gas sale business

New fuel trade rules, which will be introduced in Kyrgyzstan on January 1, 2020, will lead to closure of small companies, engaged in sale of liquefied gas. Chairman of the Kyrgyz Association of Entrepreneurs in the field of liquefied gas Esen Bakirov told today at a press conference.

According to him, the government decision on the accounting and control of oil and oil products was adopted in September 2019. It provides for introduction of an automated system for dispensing petroleum products. The document obliges all those, who sell fuel, to purchase, install and launch an online system at all gas filling stations at their own expense.

«The cost of one such set of specialized computerized equipment, cash registers and software for gas stations is 150,000-200,000 soms. Installation of the system in a short time at such a price will be an overwhelming burden for small businesses. This will force small companies to close,» said Esen Bakirov.

However, he noted that there was no liquefied gas smuggling in the country. Supervisory bodies constantly monitor the import and turnover of the product. The gas is imported only by rail, and unloaded at specialized registered gas filling stations. Its further sale is reflected in tax reports.

«Due to the decision of the Cabinet, a shortage of trade outlets will be created, and the price of liquefied gas will definitely increase. We do not exclude that it will repeatedly rise to 26-27 soms per liter, as it was several years ago,» Esen Bakirov believes.

Entrepreneurs ask the Government to postpone the introduction of automated control systems for the sale of liquefied gas until 2022. This time is necessary for the thorough arrangement of the process, preparation and implementation of the Cabinet’s decree.