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Dancers from Kyrgyzstan win three gold medals at Autumn Waltz in Almaty

Kyrgyzstanis won medals at the International Autumn Waltz 2019 Tournament in Sports Ballroom Dancing. The Dance Sport Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

The traditional competitions were held in Almaty (Kazakhstan), bringing together athletes from four countries. The Kyrgyz duet Artem Ustyugov — Veronika Lee won a gold medal in the category Youth + Adults, Latin, Four Dances, D Class, and a silver medal in the category Youth + Adults, Standard, Four Dances, D Class.

Bogdan Spesivtsev and Kira Kochergina took the 1st place in the category Juniors-1, Standard, Four Dances, D Class.

Egor Manulik and Darya Okuneva became the best in the category Juniors-2, Standard, Three Dances, E-Class.

Howard Cholponbaev and Aybiyke Nurlanova won a bronze medal in the category Juniors-2, Latin, Open Class.

Representatives of the Kyrgyz Republic won six medals at a similar tournament in 2017, and ten — in 2018.