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Policeman commits 108 traffic violations by different cars with one number plate

One of the Kyrgyzstanis used four different cars, but with one license plate. He was identified thanks to the cameras installed as a part of Safe City project. The violator turned out to be a current police officer. Deputy Head of the Main Traffic Safety Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ymanaly Sarkulov told journalists.

According to him, some drivers use fake state number plates. As an example, Ymanaly Sarkulov cited the case with the police officer, who used one state number plate on different cars.

As the Deputy Head of the Main Traffic Safety Department noted, the policeman has committed 108 traffic rules violations while driving.

The law enforcement officer has already been fired. He was detained. According to Ymanaly Sarkulov, the perpetrator received disciplinary punishment and was fined for use of the fake number plate.