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Only one third of patients receive free hemodialysis in Kyrgyzstan

At least 1,508 people receive hemodialysis in Kyrgyzstan. The Ministry of Health reported.

According to the ministry, 604 patients receive it for free; 118 patients receive hemodialysis at the departments of state hospitals in Talas, Naryn, Karakol and Balykchi, 203 — under the contract in private clinics, and 283 — on the basis of public-private partnership.

At least 764 patients receive hemodialysis on preferential terms. They pay 550 soms for one procedure, the remaining 4,700 soms are covered by the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund. At least 112 patients pay full cost of the procedure — from 5,250 soms and more.

The ministry added that the law on state procurement has been amended, and now it does not regulate state procurement related to hemodialysis services for patients with chronic renal failure (CRF) at stage V. The order of its organization and implementation is now determined by the Government.

In the future, the Ministry of Health plans to regulate the price of hemodialysis services for private clinics that provide them under an agreement with the Ministry of Health and the MHIF. This will ensure equal conditions for patients and equal cost for all private clinics providing hemodialysis services.

As of January 1, 2019, at least 1,318 people received hemodialysis in the republic.