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President of Russia tells about his vision of CIS information space

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin told about the prospects for development of a single CIS information space in an exclusive interview with MIR TV channel.

According to him, the information space should be open, with a minimum number of restrictions.

«And if they exist, they should be connected exclusively with security and the generally recognized elements of morality,» the head of Russia said.

«This should be the most open information space in order any sources of information to be protected, respected and able to work effectively. The less politicized they are, the better. Information should be disseminated. Freedom is not in the interests of those who spread it, but in the interests of citizens who use this information. I expect that the presentation of a material will be interesting, talented, meaningful and all citizens of our countries will be able to use it in order to better understand each other, to feel what is happening with the neighbors, and to use the best practices that are used in our states to introduce them by themselves,» Vladimir Putin said.