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Inventory of amusement rides completed in Kyrgyzstan

Inventory of amusement rides completed in Kyrgyzstan. Senior Inspector of the Industrial Safety Department of the State Ecological and Technical Inspectorate Alexander Apukhtin announced at a press conference.

He recalled that technical regulations on the safety of amusement rides entered into force in 2017.

«Interregional administrations conducted an inventory of amusement rides for their presence and condition. According to the results, it turned out that about 180 amusement rides are in operation in the republic, there are some that have been working for 30 years already. Now they are being registered and certified,» said Alexander Apukhtin.

The senior inspector added that before the start of the season, despite the moratorium on inspections of business entities, employees of the State Ecological and Technical Inspectorate and local authorities checked the readiness of amusement rides for the season.

«Their condition is satisfactory,» he said.

At the same time, Alexander Apukhtin added that the Kyrgyz Republic has not yet developed rules for implementation of these technical regulations.