USD 84.80
EUR 99.12
RUB 1.17

U.S. dollar rises, ruble falls in price in Kyrgyzstan

Exchange rate of the U.S. dollar repeatedly rose, but the Russian ruble fell in Kyrgyzstan for a week.

Today, the capital’s exchange offices and commercial banks buy the dollar for 69.65 — 69.8 soms and sell for 69.9 soms. Last week, the selling rate did not exceed 69.8 soms. The nominal rate set by the National Bank is 69,8493 soms.

But the Russian ruble, after a small growth, has returned to its previous positions. For seven days, it lost 20 tyiyns in price. Today, it is bought for 1,065-1,068 soms, and sold for 1,075-1.08 soms. The nominal rate is 1,0677 soms (1.05 percent drop for a day).