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Kyrgyz deputy proposes to tighten requirements for candidates for president

Deputy of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Kenzhebek Bokoev proposed amendments to the law on the Election of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Deputies of the Parliament.

According to him, it is proposed to tighten the requirements for applicants for the country’s highest political post, as well as for a deputy seat.

«According to the proposed amendments, those citizens, who have a conviction for a grave or especially grave crime, regardless of its redemption or withdrawal, do not have the right to run for president or deputy. According to current legislation, candidates for any public office, including for post in a local council, must have higher education, there is not such a rule for candidates for president of Kyrgyzstan and deputies of the Parliament,» he added.

The bill proposes to introduce a requirement for higher education for those, who decided to run for the post of the head of state or deputy of Parliament.

Kenzhebek Bokoev

MP Myktybek Abdyldaev noted: the Presidential Administration and the Prosecutor General’s Office opposed these proposals in their conclusions, and there was a possibility that they would be vetoed.

Parliament member Ainuru Altybaeva stressed that the proposed norms on presence of higher education limited the rights of voters and those elected.