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Ukrainian auction sells coins from Kyrgyzstan

A Ukrainian website, specializing in the sale of collectible items, put up coins from Kyrgyzstan for sale. The announcement is placed on UNC website.

Six Kyrgyz coins of 5 soms, 3 soms, 1 soms, 50 tyiyn, 10 tyiyn and 1 tyiin were put up for auction in one lot. All coins were issued in 2008. Almost all coins are non-collectible and are in free circulation.

The only exception is 1 tyiyn coin. It is considered as collectible, because the coins of this denomination were issued in limited edition. They can be found on sale at various auctions in Kazakhstan and Russia.

The Ukrainian website sells all six coins with a starting price of 151 hryvnia, which is approximately 385 soms.