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11 tons of dried fruits from Kyrgyzstan banned from entry into Russia

A truck carrying goods from Kyrgyzstan was detained at the multi-purpose automobile checkpoint Karauzek. Official website of Rosselkhoznadzor reported.

The vehicle was carrying dried fruits mix, dried apricots, inshell walnuts, dried grapes (raisins), and cumin seeds. The total weight of the cargo was 11 tons. However, the products had no marking. In addition, the information in the phytosanitary certificate did not match the shipping documents.

«Each package of quarantineable products must have a marking containing information on the name of the product, country of origin, exporting or re-exporting country. Its absence is a violation of legislation in the field of plant quarantine. The owner of the cargo was given an order to return the products to the country of departure,» the message says.