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Kyrgyzstani Ilim Karypbekov climbs to highest peak on planet

Former General Director of NTRK Ilim Karypbekov climbed Everest. He posted on Facebook.

Ilim said that the top of the world successfully accepted him and released him safely. «The preparation process was difficult, long, and I prepared responsibly. But the weather took its toll. Being on the line of life and death, I had to retreat at an altitude of 8,350 — 8,400 meters and return.

The second attempt was successful. Thank you all for your support! «I am writing this text during a helicopter flight from Everest base camp to Kathmandu,» the climber said.

Ilim Karypbekov became the fourth Kyrgyzstani to climb the highest peak on the planet. The first Kyrgyzstani to conquer Everest was Dmitry Grekov in 1997, the second was Eduard Kubatov in 2021, the third was Kadyr Saidilkan in 2023.