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Kyrgyzstan is among countries with cheapest electricity in world

Kyrgyzstan takes the fourth place in the world in terms of cost of electricity. A kilowatt-hour costs on average $0,017 in the republic. Cable.co.uk reports.

It notes that Libya ($0,007), Angola ($0,013), Sudan ($0,014) and Zimbabwe ($0,021) are also among the countries with the cheapest electricity.

«Unlike the countries with the most expensive electricity, none of the countries with the lowest electricity rates is island, and three of five of them are located in sub-Saharan Africa. The only non-African country is Kyrgyzstan,» the report says.

Russia ranks 22nd ($0.05), Kazakhstan — 16th ($0,039), Tajikistan — 6th ($0,023), Uzbekistan — 7th ($0,027), Armenia — 46th ($0,072) and Belarus — 40th ($0,069).

The top five countries with the most expensive electricity in the world are Solomon Islands ($0,692), St. Helena island ($0,612), Vanuatu ($0,591), Cook Islands ($0,523) and Micronesia ($0,484).