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Kyrgyzstan to make inventory of school libraries

More than 2,000 sets of computer equipment have been purchased at the expense of the funds from the Asian Development Bank exclusively for the use by school librarians. Tologon Amatov, director of Zhagy Kitep institution, told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the set includes a computer, a multifunctional device for printing, a scanner for reading barcodes. With the help of this equipment and the developed information system, it is planned to make a general inventory of school libraries, as well as for the first time to announce filing of applications for the supply of new textbooks. This will save time.

The information system also makes it possible to predict and accurately analyze the need for textbooks.

«A technological solution using decentralization method is being introduced for the first time in our country. After successful piloting of the automated system in the libraries of 30 general education organizations, the Ministry of Education decided to scale the system at the country level. At the time of delivery of the equipment, trainers have already been prepared in schools to train librarians in computer literacy, use of the supplied equipment and the automated information system,» Tologon Amatov said.