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Investigators, prosecutors should learn to work in competitive environment

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov holds the first meeting of the Council on Improving Judicial and Law Enforcement Activities today.

According to him, investigative bodies, prosecutors and judges should learn to work in a competitive environment.

«Investigative authorities, prosecutors and judges should learn to work in a truly competitive environment that will allow them to challenge the motives of a public prosecution in a fair trial,» he said.

The head of state noted that in order to eliminate the negative aspects of a trial, it is necessary to first develop a new version of the Criminal, Criminal Procedure and other codes, as well as laws regulating law enforcement and judicial processes. At the same time, the current Constitution of the country, in particular its section «Rights, Freedoms and Duties of Person and Citizen,» should lay the initial basis for legislative reform.

«The form and content of the updated legislation must comply with the spirit of the times, social needs, scientific methods and practical experience, as well as international legal standards. The trial procedure requires transparency, reduction of costs for citizens and legal entities initiating proceedings, making changes to shorten the length of the investigation, and the length of time the accused is kept in custody. It is important to provide mechanisms for elimination of distortions in pre-trial and court proceedings. The state is obliged to provide every citizen with qualified legal assistance,» Sadyr Japarov said.

The President stressed that the new legislation should provide for effective mechanisms to protect people from the threat of torture, combat discrimination and include mechanisms for a fair and effective investigation of torture. The judiciary and law enforcement systems must be transparent and their actions must be under public scrutiny.