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Kyrgyzstan develops online registration system for COVID-19 vaccination

Kyrgyzstan develops a system for online registration for vaccination against COVID-19. Deputy Minister of Health for Digital Development of the republic Bakyt Dzhangaziev told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, several registration options are considered. «We have an information system for registration of persons vaccinated against COVID-19. Therefore, the first option is to use this website, we will announce its name later. The second option is a mobile app. We have also developed it and we are collecting data on side effects with its help,» Bakyt Dzhangaziev said.

When registering online, a person must enter their phone number, first name, last name, personal identification number (PIN), as well as the region and vaccination center where they intend to get the vaccine.

 «This data will automatically get into the system, so healthcare workers will spend less time on entering data and the procedure will be faster. A module for warehouse accounting is also developed in the system. This will allow planning the necessary need for the vaccines at each vaccination center,» Bakyt Dzhangaziev told.

The electronic registration can also be denied with indication of the reason (did not come, refused, medical exemption). If a person is late, he or she loses turn, but will be able to register again at another convenient time.

The innovation, according to the deputy minister, will become available «as soon as possible.»

Bishkek residents complain about long queues at vaccination centers, especially in polyclinics No. 2, 6 and 7 — there citizens can get the Russian Sputnik V vaccine.

The coronavirus vaccination campaign started in Kyrgyzstan on March 29. The available vaccine will only be enough for 85,000 people, including 75,000 people can get the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, 10,000 — the Russian Sputnik V. Delivery of AstraZeneca vaccine is expected in May-June.