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Sadyr Japarov: We will protect business from crime

«We will protect business from crime and from officials who were associated with the crime,» the acting President, Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov said today at a meeting of the Council for Business Development and Investments.

According to him, in foreign policy it is necessary to pursue a policy of restoring trust in Kyrgyzstan as a legal country. He also gave a special order to law enforcement agencies, especially the Prosecutor General’s Office, in order they not to pose obstacles for entrepreneurs, investors and tourists.

«It is necessary to prohibit arbitrary appointments of local leaders, raider seizures, unauthorized interference in the work of industrial facilities. It is necessary to eradicate unjustified interference in business by law enforcement agencies. Entrepreneurs must be protected,» Sadyr Japarov stressed.

«Jerooy, Altynken, Tereksai have had difficulties recently. Their property was looted. The economy has already suffered from COVID-19. We must understand the people correctly. This is all done due to the fact that no work was carried out with the local population. But there is no need to stop the work of enterprises. We need a little time. All ore and natural resources should be profitable for the state,» the Prime Minister said.

At the same time, he noted that the economic decline in 2020 is expected to be within 6 percent. Therefore, everybody should work together to help the economy grow.

«I hope that we will improve the economic activity of the country. Otherwise, we will not be able to fulfill social obligations to the people,» Sadyr Japarov said.