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Staff of Finance Ministry expresses no confidence in Minister Baktygul Jeenbaeva

The staff of the Ministry of Finance of Kyrgyzstan expresses no confidence in the head of the ministry, Baktygul Jeenbaeva. Ministry’s website says.

The central office, structural and subordinate divisions of the Ministry of Finance held an emergency meeting with representatives of the people on October 5, 2020 and recognized the people’s power, and also made a collective decision to express no confidence in the Finance Minister Baktygul Jeenbaeva. Then she left her workplace.

«The staff of the Ministry of Finance expresses extreme dissatisfaction with the incompetence of Baktygul Jeenbaeva, lack of professionalism in her work and experience in the civil service. During her work, the Minister of Finance pursued a policy of dividing the team into «us» and «them», organizing intrigues and mass dismissals, which created a non-working atmosphere in the team,» the statement says.

During the work of Baktygul Jeenbaeva, over 100 employees of the ministry, professionals in their activities with many years of experience, were dismissed and resigned. They were replaced by «illiterate and incompetent personnel.»

«Following her instructions, provisions were developed that lead to a deterioration in the working conditions of employees and the work process, a decrease in the productivity and efficiency of the team, which in its turn negatively affected the quality of drawing up and execution of the budget,» officials of the Ministry of Finance said.

According to them, in the process of daily work, she repeatedly humiliated and insulted workers, voiced constant threats of dismissal, rotation or reduction in position, which led to the drain of professional personnel from the system of the Ministry of Finance. In addition, she put pressure on employees to make decisions in her interests, and also pursued a policy of infringement of the rights of workers by violating the legislation in terms of the work schedule and organizational work of the ministry, expressed in the refusal to provide labor leaves, time off, leaving the building of the ministry at the end of the working day.

The statement stresses that following the instructions of Baktygul Jeenbaeva, untimely financing of the health care system was carried out in January-April of this year, which led to mass infection of medical workers due to the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE), purchase of medicines at inflated prices several times, which subsequently led to huge damage to the state budget and loss of human lives.

«The staff of the Ministry of Finance believes that Baktygul Jeenbaeva has no moral right to occupy this position, and does not want to work under her leadership in the future,» the ministry officials said.