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Interdepartmental Commission reveals another fake Afghan war veteran

Members of the Interdepartmental Commission for checking persons illegally using privileges revealed another fake Afghan war veteran in Kyrgyzstan. Member of the commission, Colonel General Abdygul Chotbaev, told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, acting Chief Physician of the National Hospital turned to the commission, who asked to check some Ruslan Baratakhunov. The man introduced himself as a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and was treated at the medical institution.

«It turned out during the check that the 49-year-old Ruslan Baratakhunov was not in the lists of combat veterans in Afghanistan. He became disabled not during military service in the Armed Forces of the USSR. The certificates provided by him are not state documents,» Abdygul Chotbaev said.

The Interdepartmental Commission, established in December 2016, detects fake Afghan war veterans in Kyrgyzstan. There are not only soldiers and officers, but also well-known superannuated generals among the people illegally receiving state allowances.