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Yandex.Food service ready to pay compensation to family of deceased Kyrgyzstani

Relatives of a courier from Kyrgyzstan, who died in St. Petersburg (Russia), did not turn to a court. Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Russian Federation told 24.kg news agency.

According to the diplomatic mission, the body of the Kyrgyzstani has already been sent to homeland. Yandex.Food service is considering the issue of compensation, but its size is still unknown. A criminal case on the death of the courier was not opened.

Information about the death of the courier was spread on the social network «VKontakte». One of the sources said that a young man, dressed in uniform, died on the street, according to preliminary data, from a heart attack.

Others said that he «fell dead after working more than 10 hours without a break.» According to them, «a supervisor demanded from him quick deliveries.» Courier complaints about hard work at the company also appeared on social networks.