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Parliament of Kyrgyzstan to withdraw ex-presidents’ immunity

One of the authors of the amendments to the Law on Guarantees of the President’s Activity, the deputy of the Parliament, Iskhak Masaliev, told 24.kg news agency how the former heads of state would be deprived of immunity.

According to him, the deputies proposed to apply the same standard to the ex-leaders of the country like to the current ones, that is, to withdraw their immunity through the Parliament.

«According to the Constitution, deputies can initiate and send materials to the Prosecutor General’s Office, and it initiates a criminal case and asks deputies for permission to bring a person to criminal responsibility,» Iskhak Masaliev explained.

He and the deputy Kurmankul Zulushev suggested, in order to bring the document into line with the Constitution, to remove article 12 of the law, which says about immunity, but leave other privileges written in the document to former heads of state. For example, the immunity of an ex-president extends to property and vehicles.

Earlier, the Constitutional Chamber recognized the immunity norm contrary to the Basic Law, since the Constitution does not guarantee it to an ex-president.