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American Anthony Ikechukwu found second father in Kyrgyzstan

Anthony Ikechukwu is a smiling American of Nigerian origin. By age 35, he had visited several countries and has been living in Kyrgyzstan for the last five years.

— Why did you come to Kyrgyzstan?

— I came to work under the contract. Before that, I had visited the UAE, Nepal, India ... I began to work in my homeland, in Dallas.

I teach English both to children and adults who need it for work or, for example, for a trip abroad. My students are capable — they learn the program well.

— What surprises you in Kyrgyzstan?

— There are a lot of such things, for example, water. In some places which I have visited, people often get sick because of poor-quality water. And it is clean in Kyrgyzstan.

And these are the people. I have many good friends here. My relations with one person are so warm that I can call him my second father.

I love football since childhood. In Kyrgyzstan, I found like-minded people and we play in the amateur league together every weekend.

My goal is to see the world. Therefore, sooner or later I will leave Kyrgyzstan. But I will definitely come to visit my friends.

— Do you miss something here?

— I have been living here for a long time and I feel at home. For me, everything is fine in Kyrgyzstan. And it will be even better over time. This is a young country with a great future.

— What in Kyrgyzstan reminds you of your homeland?

— It is food. I had problems with it in other countries, but I have not any here. It is very diverse, there is a plenty to choose from.

Some dishes are similar to those I’m used to in the USA. For example, it is plov, kuurdak and beshbarmak, but they are called differently.

Anthony Ikechukwu

— What national dishes do you like and which are you afraid to try?

— I like kuurdak. I do not like borsch — there is a lot of liquid. It is important for me to have as much meat as possible.

— Do you have a favorite place in Kyrgyzstan?

-It is Issyk-Kul lake. I go there every summer.

— What qualities of the local population do you like and what disappointed you?

— I noticed that there are a lot of educated people. Young people give place to elders in public transport, although they are not obliged to do it.

Kyrgyzstanis are hospitable. They willingly get acquainted and treat you like a relative. They are ready to help. It is very nice.

Anthony Ikechukwu
I can not remember anything that disappointed me. It is difficult to find mutual understanding with some people, but this is everywhere. Most of those whom I meet, show themselves in a positive way.

— One of the foreigners we talked with said that he faced racism in Kyrgyzstan. Do you encounter it?

— Yes, I do, but seldom. One drunk man once expressed himself in this vein. Then he apologized.

— Would you like to change something in Kyrgyzstan?

They say salaries are low here. I would invite many international companies here to create jobs and pay a good salary.

Anthony Ikechukwu