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Some foreign international adoption oragnizations cease to exist in Kyrgyzstan

At least three foreign organizations, engaged in international adoption to the USA, Germany and Sweden, ceased to exist in Kyrgyzstan.

As the Ministry of Labor and Social Development told 24.kg news agency, the decision to close the firms was taken by their head offices. The American organization went into liquidation not only in Kyrgyzstan, but also in the United States.

«There was not a single case of adoption of Kyrgyz children by citizens of Germany: they often want small (up to three years) and healthy children, and we do not have such orphans. Only two kids were adopted by the Swedes,» the ministry added.

In total, there are only eight accredited foreign organizations in the Kyrgyz Republic, including seven from the United States and one from the Netherlands. Certificates are issued for three years.

From 2014 to 2016, foreign citizens have adopted 66 small Kyrgyzstanis.