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Consumer prices and tariffs in Kyrgyzstan rise in November

Consumer prices and tariffs in Kyrgyzstan rose in November 2017, the National Statistics Committee reported.

According to it, in comparison with October, the prices for food and non-alcoholic beverages as a whole increased by 0.6 percent.

At the same time, the highest price increase was recorded for honey — by 3.8 percent and potatoes — by 3.6 percent. Dairy products, cheese and eggs — 1.7 percent, chicken legs — by 1.5 percent, flour — by 1.3 percent, cooked sausage — by 1.1 percent, mineral water and mutton fat —by 1 percent.

Along with this, there was a decline in cereals prices (by 2.7 percent), ice cream (by 2.6 percent), fish (by 2 percent), granulated sugar (by 0.8 percent) and fresh meat (by 0, 5 percent).

Prices for alcoholic beverages and tobacco products as a whole increased by one percent.

The prices for non-food products in the republic as a whole increased by 2 percent. The increase was observed for almost all types of non-food products, a significant increase was for coal (by 12.2 percent), firewood (by 9.4 percent) and diesel fuel (by 3.7 percent). The price of gas also increased (by 2.9 percent), gasoline (by 2.7 percent), linoleum (by 2.7 percent), and cement (by 2.2 percent).

Decrease in prices was also registered for small electrical appliances — by 0.9 percent, new cars — by 0.2 percent, large household appliances — by 0.2 percent, furniture and household goods — by 0.1 percent.