USD 89.01
EUR 95.05
RUB 0.94

Dollar in Kyrgyzstan exceeds 69 soms

US dollar in Kyrgyzstan exceeded the level of 69 soms. For a day, the currency has risen in price by another 20 tyiyn.

Today, the capital’s exchange offices and commercial banks buy the dollar for 68.7-68.85 soms, and sell for 69.05-69.1. Thus, in two days the American currency has risen in price by 35 tyiyn. Nominal rate is set at 68,746 soms (growth for a day is 0.04 percent).

The exchange rate of Kazakh tenge to som began to increase for the first time in the last six months. It grew by 10 tyiyn for a day. Today, tenge costs 0.2-0.21 soms.

Exchange rates of euro and the Russian ruble remain the same — 79.6-80.7 and 1.18-1.2 soms.