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Zhanar Akaev: Bakyt Torobayev's rating grew significantly over past year

Zhanar Akaev, a former member of SDPK parliamentary faction, now independent deputy of Parliament, commented on the unification of three political parties one of these days.

According to Zhanar Akaev, it becomes obvious that the political rating of Bakyt Torobayev in the regions has grown significantly over the past year.

«I consider this progress as logical, because Bakyt Torobayev, unlike other politicians who sit in their offices, is really making great efforts to develop the regions and support agriculture,» explained Zhanar Akaev.

The MP also noted that «we all see how the southern electorate welcomed and supported the unification of three political parties — Ata-Jurt Mekenchil, Butun Kyrgyzstan and Onuguu-Progress.

«I think if this new party backs Bakyt Torobayev as a single candidate for the presidency, then he can be considered as one of the favorites of the presidential race,» Zhanar Akaev concluded.