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Omurbek Babanov comments on 2nd criminal case initiated against him

«I state with full responsibility that neither me, nor my party members, nor my supporters have ever had intentions for illegal actions, even the seizure of power,» Omurbek Babanov, a former member of the Kyrgyz Parliament, posted on Facebook.

He stated that he had conducted a clean and fair election campaign, and all citizens saw the sincerity of his intentions. «The seizure of power in this way is simply absurd,» Omurbek Babanov stressed.

After the elections, we did not even hold peaceful rallies, the more so, took any actions to seize power. Moreover, it were my close people who stopped and calmed down the outraged supporters, who came out into the streets after the elections in the regions.

Omurbek Babanov

The defendant in two criminal cases reminded that the day after the preliminary results of the election were announced, he officially announced at a press conference that the elections had been held and the people had chosen a new president.

It is very important that after the elections we to not blame each other and not use fictitious criminal cases against opponents.

Omurbek Babanov

«I repeat once more: we have held truly competitive elections, and they have a winner. Democracy is when the elected president heads the country! All of us must unite and raise Kyrgyzstan together. The history of Kyrgyzstan is written every day, and this path depends primarily on the current government,» Omurbek Babanov said.

The Prosecutor General’s Office initiated the first criminal case against the leader of Respublika-Ata Jurt party for public calls for violent change of the constitutional order and the incitement of national, racial or religious hatred. It is about the speech of Omurbek Babanov on September 28, during the election campaign, at a meeting with residents of Amir-Timur microdistrict in Osh.