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Temir Sariev demands resignation of Prime Minister

Currently, according to the legislation, there is a process of registration of candidates for presidency. The election campaigning has not begun so far.

Despite this, ministers, governors, mayors, other leaders are called to «Forum» building almost daily during working hours and they are forced to work for a candidate from the party of power.

Farid Niyazov and Ikram Ilmiyanov personally take part in this work. Prime Minister Sooronbay Jeenbekov also periodically participates in these meetings.

I appeal to the prosecutor’s office and the CEC with a demand to react to these facts, as required by law, and to prevent such violations.

It is necessary that Sooronbay Jeenbekov to resign as the Prime Minister in the nearest future and stop using his official position.

Temir Sariev

I address the CEC with a demand to provide equal conditions for all the candidates. In particular, these are candidates who are in jail. They should be given the right to pass the Kyrgyz language test. Until they are not convicted, they have the right to elect and be elected. This is required by law.

The law should be the same for everyone. And only the people and no one else can decide for whom to vote.