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Situation with measles in Kyrgyzstan remains tense

The epidemiological situation with measles remains tense. The Republican Center for Immunoprophylaxis reported.

As of February 6, at least 2,436 cases of the disease were registered.

The main reason for the increase in incidence is a large number of refusals of scheduled immunization against measles and rubella among children and adults.

«In order to coordinate the response to the measles outbreak, the Ministry of Health has been holding field and operational meetings of the headquarters since the beginning of 2024 to discuss the current epidemiological situation regarding the incidence of measles and rubella, measures taken to localize the measles outbreak. Their main purpose is to carry out preventive and anti-epidemiological measures to reduce incidence and avoid lethal cases,» the center noted.

By the decision of the operational headquarters, health care organizations will make plans of further actions to respond to the measles outbreak:

  • Stepping up routine immunization in the territories of Chui and Osh regions, in Bishkek and Osh;
  • Vaccination of contact persons;
  • Strengthening measures to increase preventive immunization coverage with a focus on parents who refuse vaccination.

According to the center, 7,046 confirmed cases of measles and 9 fatal cases were registered in 2023: 8 — children from 1 year to 18 years old and 1 — under 12 months old (five months).