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Kyrgyzstan sells more than 15 tons of gold for 11 months of 2023

Kyrgyzstan exported 15.4 tons of gold worth $972.8 million for 11 months of 2023. Data provided by the National Statistical Committee say.

Over the month, the figure increased by 2.59 tons. At the same time, only 88.4 kilograms of precious metal worth $1 million were supplied during the same period in 2022.

Last year’s information on gold export volumes is 175 (!) times higher than the 2022 level.

Switzerland accounts for the main volume of precious metal exports. 12.79 tons were supplied there for $806.95 million. Data for ten months of 2023 showed exports at 10.6 tons. It turns out that in a month the Kyrgyz Republic exported almost 2.19 tons of gold to Switzerland.

In addition, the republic supplied 1.3 tons of precious metal for $85.2 million to Hong Kong and 1.29 tons for $80.3 million to the United Arab Emirates.

In 2022, almost the entire volume of gold for 11 months of the year was exported to Turkey. There were no supplies to this country in 2023.